Certification Board

The IA Certification Board provides strategic oversight for the association’s Select Certified program. Board members work closely with volunteers, industry subject-matter experts and IA staff to promote irrigation expertise through certification by:

  • Increasing awareness of the Select Certified program.
  • Ensuring the relevance of current and future certifications.
  • Maximizing resources to support strategic initiatives.
  • Seeking alliances to strengthen IA’s certification program.

New certification board members are chosen by the current certification board in a ballot vote at the summer leadership meeting. They represent a mix of industry professions and market segments.

All board members must:

  • Be IA members in good standing.
  • Hold a current CID certification.
  • Be current in all other certifications that are held.
  • Sign a confidentiality statement.

Certification Board positions require a three-year commitment starting at the completion of the Irrigation Show.

Board Commitments:

As a member of the board you should be willing to serve and have adequate time available to commit to the board. Members are expected to have high ethical standards, a strong knowledge base of the irrigation industry and organizational skills. Members must also:

  • Attend up to two face-to-face board meetings (summer and mid-fall).
  • Attend a possible separate meeting in January for exam development.
  • Participate in monthly conference calls for specialty (1 hr to 1 ½ hr each).
  • Participate in committee conference calls as needed.
  • Maintain active communication with board chair and staff.
  • Respond to email as requested.
  • Meet established deadlines.
Selection Criteria:

The certification board nomination committee shall consider several factors when determining nominees to fill vacancies, except for the public member. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Percentage of turf and agriculture certifications awarded the previous year.
  • IA membership division between turf and agriculture members.
  • Development of new certifications or substantial work required on existing certifications.
  • Regional representation.
  • Certification and expertise representation.
  • Industry sector.
Exam work group members:

Size and make up of the work group will be regulated by the certification board. All work group members are required to:

  • Be a member of the IA.
  • Hold current certification(s) for the exam(s) for which items will be written.
  • Be an expert in irrigation installation, design, auditing or water management.
  • Sign a confidentiality statement.
  • Commit to serving on work group for one year.